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Written 7-7-2002

5 out of 5

The UUC Twin Silencer Exhaust (TSE) is a bolt on exhaust. It requires the OEM exhaust to be cut right after the second resonator. After that, all you have to do is bolt it on. The exhaust increases the horsepower and torque of your BMW.

UUC Motorwerks
1356 Kearney Drive
North Brunswick, NJ 08902, U.S.A.

My UUC TSE arrived at the same time as my UUC sways. Todd and Greg also installed them at the same time. I had always thought that the OEM exhaust was too quiet. The engine sounds so nice, but the only way to hear it meant putting down all the windows (not really possible in the summertime in Arizona) and reving the engine. The UUC TSE requires that a resonator be removed (it is possible to order a UUC resonator) which makes the exhaust louder and sound deeper.

The quality of the exhaust looks outstanding. Every part looked like it had been built by BMW. The tips look amazing. They are 3" in diameter and give the rear of the car a much for aggressive look. And if looks alone don't scare off people that want to race, the sound surely will. The exhaust note is deep and throaty. It reminds me of a V-8. The beauty of this exhaust is that it isn't intrusive. If you are cruising on the highway, you can't hear it inside the cabin. You don't have to worry about any droning (unlike the Dinan exhaust). When you mash on the gas, the exhaust sounds amazing. It is loud, but by no means obnoxious. The exhaust has a very nice burble to it.

I am going to say that this mod isn't for everyone. If you are somebody that wants a quiet exhaust all of the time, this isn't for you. But if you want to add a sporty exhaust note to your car, one that isn't insanely loud, this exhaust would be perfect. Plus those tips look plain mean.

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