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Completed 1/8/2006

Install the ProLumen HID Bulb kit in the factory fog lamp locations. The ProLumen kit is plug and play. The M-Tech II bumper of the ZHP uses 9006 type fog bulbs and to match the factory 4,300K temperature Bi-Xenon headlamps as closely as possible, I chose the 5,000K (white) kit. They are also available in 6,000K (light blue) and 8,000K (purple), but the higher the Kelvin color temp, the less visible light you will get on the road.

1 - PROLUMEN HID BULB KIT (9006 type - 5000K color temperature)

8mm Nut Driver
Phillips-head Screwdriver
E45 Torx Socket
Socket Wrench w/ Extensions
Double-sided Tape
Cleaning Solution

I imagine you could do this project without removing the bumper, but I chose to do so. The install is cleaner and in the long run easier.

1. Each fog lamp housing has a snap-on cover. Using your hands, gently pull the cover straight forward out from the bumper (Photo A).

2. Look into the inboard side of the lamp housing and you will see a screw holding the fog lamp to the bumper (Photo B - Red Circle).

3. Use the 8mm Nut Driver to remove this screw.

4. Carefully pull the fog lamp from the bumper and remove the wiring harness by squeezing the plug (Photo C).

5. Twist the bulb counter-clockwise to remove. DO NOT touch any part of the bulb itself (Photo D). Set the bulb aside.

6. Inside each wheel well are 8mm nuts (Photo E - Red Circle). You only need to remove the one closest to the outside of the car on each side. You may have to pop the plastic fender liner out of the bumper when you remove it, you will see what I mean.

7. Remove the plastic undertray under the engine by removing the three (3) x push rivets at the front with a small screwdriver or pliers and then the seven (7) x phillips-head lock screws. These are capture screws and will not fall out. Set the tray aside.

8. There are two (2) x phillips-head screws under the bumper in front of each wheel. These need to be removed as well.

9. Using a E45 Torx Socket on at least an 6" extension, find the two large circular holes under the bumper (Photo F) and go up inside to find the main bumper bolts. Remove both. They are long and may get caught on the bumper support once they are loose, but you can reach up inside the bumper and pull them out if you need to.

10. Using a buddy to support the bumper and slowly pull it straight forward away from the car (about 2") and disconnect the horns and foglight wiring (Photo G).

11. Remove the bumper set it on the ground. Protect it well, it will scratch easily. With the ZHP lip spoilers, my bumper stands up on its own (Photo H).

12. Clean the inside of the bumper support with alcohol (Photo I).

13. This is where we will locate the ballast and ingiter modules (Photo J).

14. This is what you get in the HID ProLumen kit. There will be lots of leftover parts (Photo K).

15. Take a ballast (the silver box), an igniter (the black box) and one HID bulb (leave it in the clear cover) and lay it out to see how the pieces fit together (Photo L).

16. Test fit the modules in the bumper (Photo M).

17. Cut a strip of double-sided tape and fasten it to the back of the ballast (Photo N).

18. Run the cable that is closest to the bumper itself and tuck it under the notch in the bumper support. This way, the bumper strut will not pinch the cable (Photo O). Press the ballast into place.

19. Place another piece of double-sided tape in place for the igniter module. I put it at an angle to provide maximum surface area (Photo P). Fasten the ingiter module into place.

20. Using a supplied zip-tie, fasten the connection between the ballast and igniter to the horn (Photo Q).

21. Using the supplied wire loom pieces, wrap the silicone wires of the new HID bulb (Photo R).

22. You should have something like this (Photo S).

23. Remove the plastic protective cover and insert the HID bulb into the fog lamp housing (Photo T).

24. You can remove the foam shipping ring. This is the bulb in the housing (Photo U).

25. Repeat the ballast, ingiter, and HID bulb install on the other side. I hooked up all the wiring and connected the ballasts to the factory fog lamp harness and tested the bulbs. Everything looks good (Photo V).

26. Replace the fog housings back into the bumper. I chose to use a couple more zip-ties to fasten the ingiter-bulb connection to the large hole in the bumper corner to keep the wires out of trouble. There is plenty of wire to pull the housing out for bulb replacement (Photo W).

27. This is the completed module and bulb installation (Photo X & Y).

28. Carefully replace the bumper, remember to connect the horns. Run the car's fog lamp wiring harness plugs over the bumper struts and connect to the ballasts. Check to make sure you don't pinch any wires and replace the screws, bolts, and undertray to reattach the bumper.

29. This is the result (Photo Z & AA). Perfect match!


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M

Photo N

Photo O

Photo P

Photo Q

Photo R

Photo S

Photo T

Photo U

Photo V

Photo W

Photo X

Photo Y

Photo Z

Photo AA


Normally, I don't bother with non-performance mods, but the difference between the fogs and headlamp color has always bothered me. This kit was complete, great quality, matches the Bi-Xenons perfectly, and projects more light on the road. Thanks go out to John at JLeviStreetWerks!

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