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Completed 4/15/2005


Oil pressure on engine side.

30. Check to make sure the power steering reservoir cap is tight. Remove the two (2) x 13mm bolts from the power steering reservoir and move the tank out of the way.

31. Behind the oil filter housing is the oil pressure switch (Photo AO & AP). Disconnect the wiring harness connection. Remove the sender with a 24mm wrench. It is a tight space, but you can do it. I used a small adjustable wrench to just get it loose. Then use your fingers to unscrew it.

32. Attach the ESS-supplied oil line adapter through the end of the ASA supercharger oil supply line. The crush washers go on either side of the oil line. You can see that I also attached my VDO diverter block and pressure gauge at the same time (Photo AQ). This connection doesn't have to be crazy tight, just very snug. If you do develop an oil leak, this is where to check first. Use a 19mm wrench to fasten the ESS adapter, then replace the fatory sender at the very end. Reconnect the wiring harness to the sender.

Crankcase ventilation breather.

33. This step still sucks, but it didn't pop off as much as it did on my 2001 330i. Remove the 4 (four) x T20 Torx screws on the vacuum rail (Photo AR) and pry the vacuum rail straight up off the manifold (Photo AS).

34. Disconnect the factory vacuum line from both ends of the rail by squeezing the oval connectors and pulling off. You need to cut the breather line off the factory vacuum with a utility knife. The closer to the connection, the better (Photo AT). This gives you the most hose to use for the next step.

35. Pull the breather line you just cut off out under the intake manifold and towards the supercharger's future location. Fill the outside grooves of the hose with RTV gasket sealant (Photo AU) and attach the ESS-supplied hose extension and tighten.

36. Install the new ESS vacuum assembly and attach both ends to the rail connections. The long vacuum line goes back behind the engine and around to the throttle body area (bypass valve/fuel reg line). The short plastic line runs across the front of the engine to the supercharger location. The small black one-way valve should be at the front of the rail. Check to make sure nothing is kinked.

Relocate hose for power steering reservoir.

37. Cover the alternator with a towel (you DON'T want power steering fluid in your alternator) and select the smaller of the two hoses under the power steering reservoir (Photo AV). You can actually pull this hose off by hand after clipping the clamp. Drain the reservoir into a cup (Photo AW) and discard this fluid safely.

38. Attach the ESS power steering hose extension to the reservior tank (Photo AX) and connect the other end to the hose you removed from the tank (Photo AY). I used a normal clamp here, since ESS supplied a German hose clamp and they are extremely hard to fasten without the tool. The new hose will run behind and underneath the supercharger.

39. You can reattach the tank using the 13mm bolts and if need be you can loosen the 10mm bolt on the tank clamp itself to rotate it a bit if you need the clearance.

40. Refill the power steering reservoir with fresh fluid. Check it again once you start the car and top off if needed.

Change injectors.

41. CAUTION: This next step involves working with gasoline. We all know how flammable it is so be extremely careful to keep all heat sources away. Fuel will be released, so keep some shop towels handy to soak up any excess spill.

42. Unclip the electrical wires from the silver fuel rail (Photo BA).

43. Each injector has a metal clip holding the wiring harness on. Using a small screwdriver, pop this clip up on each injector. Once all six injectors are free, pull the entire wiring harness housing off the injectors (Photo BB). There is an extra connector at the front of the rail (for the VANOS) on a pigtail, remove this to make more room.

44. CAUTION: The fuel rail is still presurized with fuel. It can pop off at any time, possibly releasing fuel. Be EXTREMELY careful here and be ready to catch any spillage. Obviously, again, keep ALL heat sources away. Remove the four (4) x 10mm screws holding the fuel rail down (Photo BC).

45. Slide the clips off the heads of each injector holding them into the rail. You can then pull the rail up off the injectors.

46. Pull out the old injectors. The stock injectors are 21.7# blue, the new ones are 30.5# red tops (Photo BD). Lightly lubricate each new injector's O-rings with a light coat of fresh engine oil before installing (Photo BE).

47. Install your new injectors (Photo BF). Make sure they are all seated fully and facing the right way.

48. Using the supplied 5mm hex bolts and 11mm thick spacers, reinstall the fuel rail and fasten down (Photo BG). Put the injector retainer square clips back into place. Reconnect the wiring harness to the injectors and reinstall the O2 sensor wiring connectors into the clips on the rail.

Relocate intake temperature sensor

NOTE: I did not have to do this step. The ZHP has the MS45 software and the intake temperature sensor is built into the MAF. If you are installing on a non-MS45 vehicle, refer to my other ESS VT SUPERCHARGER DIY for instructions on this step.

Extend wires for the mass air sensor

49. This is an extremely important step so don't skimp on the quality of the connections.

50. Cut the MAF plug off the wiring harness about 5-6" from the plug end (Photo BH).

51. I started with the plug end on the workbench. Strip the plastic cover back and then strip all five wires (Photo BI). You may have only three wires if you are installing this on a older non-MS45 car. It is the same steps, just less wires.

52. I pre-installed some heat shrink pieces on the wires before I soldered them. The color coding is as follows:


53. Solder each wire together making a solid connection (Photo BJ), then heat shrink them (Photo BK).

54. Wrap the entire connection in electrical tape to protect it (Photo BL).

55. Do the same on the engine end of the MAF wiring (Photo BM). This picture was taken at the end of the supercharger install since I waited to do the MAF wiring until last. I am just putting the picture here to stay in line with the ESS installation manual progress.



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