Jumped timing on '97 540i NON-VANOS engine?
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#1: Jumped timing on '97 540i NON-VANOS engine? Author: m-azLocation: Scottsdale & Munich PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:41 pm
Hi Folks,
I am in the process of replacing the timing chain guides on my 97 540i (M62 NON-VANOS). I have turned the engine to its "OT" and locked the flywheel by installing the pin. However, my camshafts doesn't seem to be in the correct TDC firing positions. I might jumped timing as I turned the engine, since used a zip tie instead of the tensioner tool Embarassed . Would that processes have caused any damaged, like bend the valve stems? Also, how can I bring the camshafts to their correct position now?


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