1998 740Il no start no crank
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#1: 1998 740Il no start no crank Author: scottinQC PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:49 pm
This morning my 740Il decided to not start, first try went click, second try went clock, then nothing on any subsequent tries. Battery is not showing any signs of issues (tried jumping as well, still NOTHING...)

Does anyone have INPA or the other programs on a mobile setup that could diagnose whether its an EWS issue or if I actually get lucky and the starter crapped out?

alternatively, does anyone know a good reputable shop that does not charge extortionate rates for shop diagnosis? Im at Mesa Drive and Brown if that helps. Car would need to be towed, and Im not in a huge hurry to pay a shitload to have it sent to a shop only to have it relocated to a pick a part if its not economical for a repair...........

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