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Anyone here an electrical guru??
All things 5, 6, 7 and 8 series
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:46 am
Post subject: Anyone here an electrical guru??

I have a set of 9led bulbs I swapped into my Ae sockets but they are not as bright as I'd like.. Yes I know about the umnitza upgrade and I don't feel like wasting 150 on lights.. My question is, is there anyway to increase the voltage to the bulb itself maybe via resistor or capacitor inline? I've read that you can safely add about 10% more power then the light is listed at. So I'm hoping to increase the power a bit an make these puppies shine...
Also does anyone have an scrap sheet metal laying around maybe a hood or door or just decent cut off 20"x10"... I'm doing a boser hood to my e39(if you don't like it to damn bad) so I'm trying to get the metal an maybe help someone get a lil scrap outta their yard
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Cone Killer
Cone Killer

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:00 pm
Post subject: Re: Anyone here an electrical guru??

problem you will likely run into is that the car is on a 12v system. Without running some kind of transformer, you wont ever get more than 12v out of the electrical system. What I would suggest is ensuring your grounds and wiring is in PERFECT shape, so you aren't squandering that 12v on bad connections. Any resistance in those connections eats away at the power that you have available for your lights.

A resistor is just that, it resists the flow of electricity. That would have the opposite effect that you desire. A cap also wont help, as it is a storage or more appropriately a buffer for electrical systems. this will also not add power to your system. neither one will have the desired effect for you


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:58 pm
Post subject: Re: Anyone here an electrical guru??

Don't forget that your electrical system is running closer to 14.4v, vs the specified 12v specs of most LEDs. That means that you've likely already eaten up that output difference.

You would be best suited changing to different LEDs that are engineered for the load and output you desire, opposed to trying to run the current ones at the edge, or outside, of their tolerance. Unless an engineer bench tested these @ 14.4v plus the 10% load increase for xx,xxx hours and published a data sheet with the new specifications (including Luminous Intensity, Viewing Angle, Forward Voltage, Typical Current etc) and expected service life then I would say it is probably safe to assume that it is just a clueless guy that hacked up the lights and hasn't caught his car on fire....yet.

All that increase will do is reduce the service life of the lights and you could run the risk of burning/melting/igniting the base, wiring or even worse, the headlamp. It does not make sense to do it any other way than the right way, to me (especially the potential disaster expense over a cheap part).

I know that it isn't what you want to hear but you have to remember that these companies employ people to test and break them in order to ensure that the least amount of failures occur and they achieve optimum lifespan at the specified Kelvin rating. I work around these things all day and don't want to see your next thread read "E39 doing weird things...electrical gremlins" or "So, my E39 caught fire today" or perhaps "Angle eyes stopped working, can't get bulb out indicator to go off, even with OEM bulbs."

There's a lot of support out there for LCI E39 angle eye upgrades, just ask around and search for the bulbs that meet the output you desire and fit within your budget.

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