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2007 Porsche 911 Turbo
Everything non BMW
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Hard Parker

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:33 am
Post subject: Re: 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo

Let me start by saying that I can't be grateful enough for all of the work that everyone has put into this given the short amount of time. From a customer perspective in relation to COBB, these guys go above and beyond to make sure you're happy. I am a difficult customer and by that I mean I ask a ton of questions, constantly. To the point where you could probably hire someone full time to answer all my inquiries and they would get worn out. hilarious

Tim and Mitch from COBB both flew out to do some work on my car. With the help of Robert Boreham @ Luxor Auto and his team, along with Richard @ DynoComp for the use of his shop and dyno and finally Forced Air Technologies (FAT) for allowing us to use their dyno for comparison sake, the results were spectacular.

Tim and Mitch were very patient and I didn't have any personal baseline (other than seeing a handful of 775 results on different dynos) to know what the kit could do. Ultimately, I was hoping for 570ish on 91 craptane and 620 on 100....

Friday was rough and let this be a lesson, LET THE BUTT DYNO BE THE JUDGE, NOT THE NUMBERS. Since every dyno reads differently, I had went to another shop this morning just to get a number for comparison.

Details about my kit:

This is a full / complete EvoMS 775 kit with the addition of their Leak Proof throttle body / y-pipe connector (which I highly recommend).

Typically, EvoMS would handle the tuning, but my decision to go with Cobb was for the following reasons:

I can switch between many maps, low boost, high boost pump, e85, 100, valet mode, grandma mode (I made up this term, basically a neutered tune so people can't beat the piss out of it), disable car mode, etc. A feature that no other tuner is going to offer in the same variety.

On the fly data logging, code reading, code clearing, performance times (1/4 mile, etc.)

Additionally, I mentioned to Mitch that I (we) would love to see a 60-130 timer on the Cobb AP... *wink* *wink*

We dealt with some bad gas in my tank, it had likely been anywhere from 3-5 weeks old and the engine had been out of the car so it's octane rating has likely dropped significantly. We threw in a gallon of 109 to level out the octane a bit on 91. Roughly 7 gallons of 91 to 1 gallon of 109. (about 93 octane), but we were assuming that about 3 of those gallons were crap from sitting around...

After leaving DynoComp with a 100 tune, I decided to take it over to Robert (interrupting his personal and family time to deal with my car), I asked him to give me his input on the 775. Let me summarize and say he was impressed; however, I won't elaborate on the details in this thread.


Your results may vary, your kit may vary, your experience may vary. These are my results on dynos which will no-doubt vary from your specific dyno numbers.

The Results

This is a 2007 997.1 (not a 997.2 as noted in error on graph)

Boost Pressure: 20-21psi with 200 Cell Cats

The Heartbreaker:

Lower graph is 91 tune
Upper graph is 100 tune


The LifeSaver (nothing was changed or modified, just ran the 100 tune on a different dyno):



If we do a bit of math:

DynoComp shows ~525ftlbs and ~540hp on 100
FAT hows ~701ftlbs and ~680hp on 100

A whopping 176ftlbs and 140hp difference between dynos.

Not that *ALL* of the tuning was done on Richard's dyno @ dynocomp. These is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It works perfectly, it's calibrated perfectly, and I've watched Richard tune many cars with spectacular results. I'd be comfortable to sit in any car that's been tuned on his dyno and watch it stomp on cars claiming the same power somewhere else.

DynoComp shows ~430ftlbs and ~455hp on 91

This allows us to assume:

If we had a 26% hp / 33% tq difference on race. Using some crude math, we can calculate:

455hp * 1.26 = 573hp
430tq * 1.33 = 572tq

I would be comfortable with this number within 5%. As I don't plan on putting 91 in it anytime soon, I may not have a chance to dyno it before I go to e85 Surprised


Mitch (right) educating me:


Seat time:


Reference line popped off FPR. Tim digging in. Where were the zip ties??? Smile


The FAT Dyno for comparison:


My Thoughts:

If you're on the fence about Cobb, stop tooling around. If you're worried that your kit won't work with Cobb, stop tooling around (Cobb Protuners will help you get up and running). If you want to switch between a variance of maps, have access to real time data, updates, clear codes, do performance calculations and AMAZING support.... STOP. TOOLING. AROUND. Find a Cobb Distributor for Porsche and get a pro-tune or use one of their OTB (out of the box) maps if you have some simple bolt-ons or a factory car.

If you're new to the 997.1 world and want a bit more power... get the pro tune. If you're on this board, chances are you're going to mod the car, chances are you'll want to toy around with different maps.

I've used Eurodyne, EvomsIT, Giac, MyGenius, and I have nothing bad to say. But what I can say is - they simply can't give you everything that the cobb offers for the price, convenience, compact size, and capability.

The car is a rocket, a very smooth rocket. Power is delivered very well and it PULLS HARD. I can't wait to see the look on some faces of the passengers when they go for some rides.

Mitch spent a ton of time working through all my concerns and the results show. He really knows his product and the car.

A Huge Thanks to:

-Both Tim and Mitch for being patient with me and for their tuning expertise which has resulted in some amazing power.
-EvoMS for the development of this kit (well done, it feels great!!) and helping me fill in the gaps for missing or replacement pieces (Thanks Ian!)
-Robert and the Luxor Crew for slaving away to get it installed
-Richard at DynoComp for accommodating us on short notice and being a spectacular host
-Forced Air Technologies for doing the same (extremely short notice)
-Antonio @ Calvo motorsports for hooking it up on parts
-SamboTT for always trying to help a brother out, even though I'm the stingiest customer you probably have!
-AND MY WIFE for putting up with all of the bull**** (and she puts up with a TON). The woman is a Saint!

Coming Soon:

I am not looking for more power. I am at the limit of stock internals, therefore I am looking to do this at less boost and with better fuel:

-Catless Tune
-E85 Tune (bigger injectors coming)
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Cone Killer
Cone Killer

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:12 pm
Post subject: Re: 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo

Good God! Shocked
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He's Angry!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:47 am
Post subject: Re: 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo

that's a fantastic looking graph for a turbo car, hope you are enjoying it, watch out for E30's though because those are pretty much faster than anything

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