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Stories, how-to, and reviews from my personal tuner shop... my garage.

My collection of media including photos, audio, and video.

Specs, history, pros/cons, and stories about my own 330i.

BMW places on the Internet that I find useful.

I will use this section to create a digital photo album of my 330i and 330i's belonging to others. If you would like a photo and short description of your ride posted, CONTACT ME.

My first time shooting with my new Canon XL1s DV Camera.

After an incredible Arizona Diamondbacks win in Game 2 of the 2001 World Series, a great friend of mine jumped in my 330i and I started shooting video at night. This is the result...

January 20th, 2002: About a dozen local Phoenix area BMW guys got together to shoot the shit and talk cars. E46s, E36s, and E30s were in attendance.

I have been practicing with my video techniques and new equipment, so be nice!

February 28th, 2002: After installing my UUC System*U Twin Silencer Exhaust, I put together this short video for Rob and the guys at UUC MOTORWERKS.

This minute-long AVI exhibits the sweet audio and smooth fit and finish of the TSE exhaust on my 330i.


 Took these soon after I took delivery, not a good camera...


 These are from the mini-meet we had on 8-4-2002...

 Syndicate19's Steel Gray 330i

 Look around for Eric's ride in Mirimar, Florida!

 Mattrix's Steel Gray 330i

 Matt's beautiful machine resides in South Florida with him. MORE

 Zoneblitz's Jet Black 330i

 Here is Kenny tearing up the asphalt in a New Orleans autocross.

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